About us

The youth centre Piispala is an amazing place to organise camps for groups of children and youth in the middle of the beautiful region of Central Finland at Lake Kivijärvi. Here you can find multiple sports, outdoor and meeting facilities combined with a friendly service. Piispala was established in 1982 and since then it has been a favorite destination for youth camps, but also for family and sports holidays. Welcome to Piispala!

Piispala as a youth centre

Piispala is one of the 10 centres supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. One of the main goals of the centre is to maintain the development of the local, national and international youth work and to serve as a multi-sided centre of sport activities and education. The centre is well-equipped for practising various kinds of sports and handcrafts.

Come to Piispala and support youth work in Finland

Despite of the fact that Piispala is an international youth centre our services and facilities work well for adults too. By coming to Piispala and using our services, you support Finnish youth work.