Piispala offers accommodation for 242 persons in wooden terraced houses, apartment houses, duplex houses and cottages with a fireplace.  The accommodation capacity can be extended up to 420 persons when the lofts in the cottages are used. The accommodation area is located between the Piispala main building and the water and ice sports centre PiiSpa. All accommodation units (cottages, apartments, etc.) have their own private facilities (toilets and showers), a fridge and a coffee maker.

Pääskynpesä & Riekonkieppi (Piispanhattu)

  • A wooden apartment house: there are meeting rooms and classrooms on the 1st floor and guest rooms in 2nd floor
  • There are 20 rooms on the 2nd floor, each for 2-3 persons. The accommodation area is divided into two parts (10 and 10 rooms)

Ketunkolo & Oravanpesä

  • Two separate terraced house units, the entrance to the rooms is through the shared area (corridor and lounge).
  • There are 12 rooms for 2-4 persons in each house.

Cottages with fire place

  • 6 log cottages for 4-6 persons and 1 cottage with a sauna for 2-4 persons

Honka houses

  • 8 apartments for 4-8 persons in four duplex houses, glazed terraces


  • a terraced house with 10 rooms for 2-4 persons, each with a separate entrace

Harju houses

  • 4 log-paneled duplex houses each with 2 apartments for 4-8 persons


  • A terraced house with 10 rooms (log-paneled) for 2-4 persons, each room has a separate entrance

Sinisen Tien Helmi

  • A high-class log villa for 8-10 persons, located 1,5 km away from Piispala´s facilities