Program services - Joy & recreation

Team adventure

Fun group tasks in the Piispala heaths surrounded by nature. This programme requires teamwork, interaction, reasoning, cleverness, problem-solving skills and trust in others and develops group’s internal co-operative skills and promote trust in others. Programme doesn’t require great physical condition. Fun activity outdoors, if needed (in case of bad weather) the programme can be moved indoors.

Game on

Funny games that the participants can’t practice beforehand and where teamwork is the only way to win. People who aren’t good in ballgames can also fare well in this programme. Some of the games are more physical and some less. The programme advances co-operation and positive we –spirit. Game on is arranged in the Piispala football hall or sports hall.

Hidden resources

In this programme the participants search and find hidden resources of the group and its members in a group through performing different activity exercises. Funny bone –tickling, relaxing and new thoughts opening programme, where trust in others and daring are the key to feeling good. Hidden resources can be organized in any facility.

My very own body

Our body is a permanent part of us and thus our most important tool. Itś  well-being is directly connected to our mental well-being. We all have different needs and wishes about taking care of our own bodies. In this programme we exercise in various ways while we utilize our own bodies and get impetus to the well-being of the body and regular exercise. The sports include fitness ball exercise, BOSU exercise strength stick exercise, spinning, muscle maintenance with foam rollers, relaxation and concentration exercises, gym workout, kettlebell etc.

Water exercise

Exercise in water is a nice, efficient and comprehensive way to improve physical and mental well-being. Water as an element also calms and refreshes. PiiSpa’s pools offer excellent facilities to exercise in the water. Options include water aerobics, aqua jogging, water relaxation, candle swimming etc. 

Cheerfully on the ice

Exercise on the ice is fun, and it’s not necessarily just games and skating. Curling – throw and sweep is one of our favourite programmes but also different ice exercise courses, ice aerobics and for instance rousette skating can provide the longed-for new experience to a meeting or a well-being at work day.

Nature calls

Calming nature, bright, clean waters with their beaches and Central Finnish heath land with its hiking trails invite you to either a relaxing or action-packed nature experience. Nature offers something to experience for all your senses through paddling, church boating, rowing and travelling on a Viking boat and snowshoeing on the snow.

Let’s dare together

Memorable experience is an unforgettable experience that differs from everyday routine. It’s overcoming challenges, learning new things or surpassing your own limits. In this programme basket you can find safely arranged memorable experiences that require daring. *Climbing tower (13 m) climbing, descending, ice climbing…*

Accurately aiming

The best moments come from the joy of doing things together, even if you add a little ambition to it. Archery, optical sport shooting, disc golf, bowling or glow bowling or for instance curling offer relaxed, physically undemanding activities.