Climbing & Adventure

The climbing and adventure locations are in active use in Piispala. Climbing opportunities extend from indoor wall climbing and bouldering to ice climbing on a 13-metre high climbing and ice climbing tower.


  • indoor bouldering wall and about 6 metres high indoor climbing wall with top roping (the main building)
  • outdoor climbing and ice climbing tower, 13 metres high, climbing and descending activities, top roping (next to PiiSpa)
  • two walls of the tower are for wall climbing (one of the walls has a negative sloping) and the other two walls for ice climbing (also one wall with a negative sloping)

Adventure in the Piispalankangas area

  • outdoor lower zip-line (the lakeside area) and stunt course
  • team and adventure trail control points
  • geocaches
  • fixed control point network