Beach life on a natural beach

The natural sandy lakeside area on the shore of the clear-water Lake Kivijärvi is a great place especially for summer activities like swimming, diving, rowing, canoeing or sitting by the campfire. Of course, we also offer activities there in winter.

In the lakeside area you can find

  • Beach with campfire sites (including a barbecue shelter and a lean-to kitchen)
  • Diving tower 3/5 metres
  • Maintenance building with toilets (in use in the summer)
  • Beach kiosk in the summer
  • canoes, rowing boats, a church boat and a Viking boat with life jackets and other equipment
  • two tennis courts near the lakeside area
  • beach volley courts
  • Stunt and lower zip-line courses
  • Beach games
  • Lakeside saunas and a Finnish traditional sauna