Ball games on the turf all year around

In Piispala you can play on artificial turf year-round. Piispala's artificial turf is roofed with DUOL air-supported dome that allows all-year training. The hall's measurements are 62 m x 90 m and its height is 18 m. The hall offers excellent conditions to play not only football but also Finnish baseball, rugby football, American football and practice athletics among other things.

Almost like grass

  • long-fiber artificial turf
  • represents the third generation (Greenie PE 5208) technology
  • football and Finnish baseball, diverse exercise

Natural game ground

  • natural bounce of the field's surface – the bounce of the field is integrated into the turf


  • reacts naturally during turns etc.
  • safe (fiber thread treated with lubricant and crumb rubber)
  • right raw materials minimize the joint injuries and burns caused by slides that are typical for old artificial turfs
  • normal football shoes can be used on the field