Ice Sport Centre

Piispala Ice Sports Centre is located in water and ice sports centre PiiSpa, halfway between the main building and the beach. The ice rink and other skating facilities cater for all ice sports enthusiasts and other sportspersons.

Ice rink

  • 26 x 56 m rink
  • small stand (on the second floor), heated referee box with Wi-Fi
  • heated commentator's booth and player observation box
  • screening technology with a fantastic sound reinforcement system and video- and scoreboard
  • altogether seven locker rooms with showers

Blademill skatemill

  • treadmill-like carpet covered with synthetic ice, adjustable angle
  • practising the skating technique on a special surface with a harness and normal skates on
  • possibility to videorecord your perfomance (to watch and improve it)

Shoot Out hockey shooting simulator

  • hockey shooting simulator (screen) located on synthetic ice in a mini rink
  • skating is possible
  • challenge on-screen national team goaltenders, shoot resetting targets with a puck, shoot on a radar as hard as you can


  • small and big curling lane in the rink
  • curling equipment