Swimming hall

Piispala's swimming hall is located in the water and ice sports centre PiiSpa halfway between the main building and the beach. There are several pools serving various purposes: swimming, diving, scuba-diving, swimming practice, water aerobics and aquatic therapy. The pools and activities suit children, the young, families and sportspersons as well. The sign of our water sports centre was designed by Elina Paananen from Kannonkoski.

Swimming hall – swimming, diving, bubbles and swimming practice

  • spa-like modern swimming hall, steel pools
  • four-lane 25-metre fitness swimming pool, depth 120-400 cm
  • diving pool, depth 400 cm: 3-metre diving stand, springboard
  • 7x12 multifunction pool, depth 95-120 cm, counter-current device, whirlpool bath bench, and two massaging jets
  • teaching pool, depth 80 cm – swimming practice and water exercise especially for children
  • two changing rooms for groups and a women's and a men's changing rooms

Dry water massage

Wellsystem Relax is a warm massaging waterbed where you can enjoy water massage fully clothed and without getting wet. Water massage is a fast and ideal way to pamper yourself effectively and safely.

  •  Choose the treatment you want: full body, lower body, upper body, neck and shoulder area
  • Choose the pressure you want: 0,5-4 bar
  • Functions can be changed during the treatment